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How to be Safe in a Casino

Even though casino robberies are a rare occurrence and mostly non-violent, victims are usually oblivious that they have been a target until they reach for their valuables. Whether you are day tripping or you are on an extended stay to play your favorite games, it is important to have some knowledge on how to protect yourself while in a casino. Below are some tips on how to go about it:

When Driving


After arriving at your destination, valet your car. A lot of casinos provide this service for a small charge or fee. This gives you easy access to the front door, and you do not have to worry about walking through a garage that is dimly lit while heading to the elevator. This service is worth the money that you are charged.


At an Elevator

If a person makes you uncomfortable while you are waiting for an elevator, do not go in with that person. Wait for the next one. Try to position yourself against the back wall while in an elevator. This will provide you with a clear view of everyone in it and help in keeping you alert.

In the Casino

For gentlemen ensure that you guard your wallet and your money. Try carrying your wallet and/or cash in a deep side pocket. If it is a must that you keep it in your back pocket ensure that you button it up. In addition to that, you should wrap a rubber band around it. This will make it hard for someone to lift it from your pocket. On the other hand for the ladies ensure that you keep your purse latched, zipped or buttoned all the time. Do not carry it straight over the shoulder. Keep the strap diagonally across your body if you can. Do not open or display what is in it in front of a crowd and always secure it right away once you are done using it.

While Playing

game bankDo not put a purse or other valuables on the ledge that is between slot machines. A person could easily reach through from the other side to steal them. It is important to keep your purse closed, and it should be placed in front of you. Focus your attention on the bill acceptor while inserting your money. In some cases, the machine will not accept the bill, and it will slide out of the slot and be exposed to someone who might want to steal it at the slightest distraction. When you are cashing out keep an eye on the collect ticket slot. The ticket will protrude like two-thirds of the way out until an individual takes it.…