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The Importance of Casino Marketing

Each department in the casino serves a purpose. The marketing department is important to the success of the casino. The breadth of responsibility that is undertaken by the casino marketing department includes tasks such as advertising, promotions, player clubs, player evaluations, comps, ratings, host staff and slot marketing just to mention a few. While it can be an exaggeration to say that players would quit coming to the casino if these services were discontinued, it is also important to note that the casino will be missing out on increasing revenue opportunities if it does not take advantage of everything that the casino marketing department has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the important tasks the casino marketing department handles:


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The best way to inform guests about the promotions that are going on in a casino is through advertising. Whether you utilize a phone, mail, email or even conversations, advertising is the appropriate means to keep in communication with your guests. Advertising can also be utilized for non-promotion communications that provide income for your casino. Food specials, room offers, casino news, and entertainment are all methods of keeping in touch with your customer base, and they also serve as a reminder to bring them back to the casino. The marketing department should always be aware of every opportunity for communication because this solidifies your relationship with your clients.


Player Evaluations/Ratings

Player evaluation is an imperative component to ensuring ROI through strategic analysis of the expenditure of clients, and this assessment can be carried out by the host staff in your marketing department. They have information about the guest’s play, and hence they have the ability to determine the player’s status. This status is essential for various reasons. Understanding a player’s status will help you to invite guests to events that suit their level of play. It would not be profitable to invite a guest who does not meet the requirements of your lowest tier of play to an event as your VIP guest.

Comping Policies

cardsOn a similar note, status is also vital to understanding the limits through which comping makes the casino lucrative. Marketing hosts who are trained well know the casino’s comping policies, and they can make decisions about which comps will eventually generate more income for the casino through continued or increased play. Over-comping, a penny slots player, reduces the casino’s profits just like under –comping a high limit player might mean that you will lose those revenues to another casino.…