Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Why You Need To Put Ken Lefebour's "The Happening Too" on June 6th In Your Calendar Right Now!

On June 6th, culinary maestro Ken Lefebour is hosting a phenomenal event that showcases exceptional local food, art. music, dance and much more at the Hamilton Spectator auditorium. Tickets are available now at the Hamilton Spectator customer service desk or at Nellie James Gourmet Food To Go in Dundas.  Please note, if this is all the information you need to attend what will surely be one of the summer's great events, stop reading and go get your tickets.  If you need a little more information read our love letter to Ken below (or in Hamilton Magazine's December 2014 issue)

In our previous life, we hosted one-night only tours of great Hamilton area dining destinations by neighbourhood where we featured four great local eateries who each provided three samples of signature dishes.  These events were very well attended and always a lot of fun but there is ONE stop that has stayed with us as a culinary oasis and that is our stop at Nellie James Gourmet Food To Go in Dundas.  In truth, chef Ken Lefebour's small but mighty location has no seating of any kind ("Gourmet Food To Go") and is hardly equipped to host 40+ culinary adventurers.  In fact, Ken was a last minute add to our tour.  In spite of this and with minimal preparation time, Ken transformed the green space behind Nellie James into an elegant garden party setting AND elected to forever raise the restaurant tour experience bar by serving this:
  1.  Roasted “Koike Farm” Zucchini with Saint Mary’s Unripened Goat Cheese, Basil and Pickled Watermelon Rind (pictured below)
  2. Local Candy Cane Beet with In-House Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast, Red Wine Syrup and Fried Bella Vitano Cheese
  3. ”Jepson Meats” Naturally Raised Pork Tenderloin on a Blue Cheese Biscuit with Bourbon Reduction and Lamb Jelly

Thus began our love affair with an extraordinary chef.  He has been the feature chef at two Pop Up Hamilton events; a television mainstay; featured in countless articles in magazines and newspapers and is easily one of the most in-demand caterers. 

The Happening Too

If we had only reason to attend 'The Happening Too', it would be the exquisite cuisine.  Known as an enthusiastic champion and supporter of local farms and food providers, Ken's dishes feature the very best our local farmers and growers have to offer prepared by a chef that truly understand flavours, balance and tasting experience without being afraid of bold, delicious experimentation.

If we need another reason (we really don't), the fact that it's a celebration of incredible local artists like the soulful Laura Cole, troubadour/chanteuse Mimi Shaw, rockabilly sensation Burnin' Ethyl, a slew of visual artists, dance and much, much more.

As event producers, we could just rave about the positively electric excitement surrounding The Happening Too and what is sure to be an unforgettable evening but actions speak louder than words so we'll simply say "We wouldn't miss this experience for anything!"

Hope to see you there, Hamilton!